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ChessBase Tutorials Openings Vol 5: Flank Openings (PC-DVD) Secret Weapon Four Knights Game - Valeri Lilov (PC-DVD) Chess Champs Card Game: Legends - Romantic Era My Best Games of Chess 1908-1937 - Alexander Alekhine
Secret Weapon Four Knights Game - Valeri Lilov (PC-DVD)
Our Price: £23.95
Sale Price: £14.95
Bridge Baron 24 (PC and MAC compatible) Vassily Ivanchuk, 100 Selected Games - Nikolay Kalinichenko Chessbase Magazine #154 - June 2013 (PC-DVD) Grandmaster Preparation: Positional Play - Jacob Aagaard
Bridge Baron 24 (PC/MAC)
RRP: £54.95
Our Price: £49.99
Chessbase Magazine #154 - June 2013 (PC-DVD)
RRP: £16.99
Our Price: £12.95
Modern Chess Preparation - Vladimir Tukmakov Kotronius on the King's Indian Volume 1: Fianchetto Systems - Vassilios Kotronias New in Chess Magazine 2013/4 The Right Way to Teach Chess to Kids - Richard James
Garry Kasparov on Garry Kasparov Part 2: 1985-1993 - Garry Kasparov Chessbase Opening Encyclopaedia 2014 (PC-DVD) Ask the pieces! - Stefan Becker & Karsten Muller (PC-DVD) Chessbase Opening Encyclopaedia 2014: Upgrade from 2013 Version (PC-DVD)
Chess Informant 117 - Jazz Edition (Informator) Yusupov's Complete Training Course - Level 1, 2 and 3: Fundamentals to Mastery - Artur Yusupov Grandmaster Preparation: Calculation - Jacob Aagaard The Grand Prix Attack - Evgeny Sveshnikov
Chess Developments: The Grunfeld - David Vigorito The ABC of the Bogo Indian - Andrew Martin (PC-DVD) New in Chess Yearbook 107 First Steps in Endgames - Andrew Martin (PC-DVD)
The ABC of the Bogo Indian - Andrew Martin (PC-DVD)
Our Price: £23.95
Sale Price: £14.95
New in Chess Yearbook 107
Our Price: £24.95
Official World Chess Championship Chess Board The Complete Albin Counter-Gambit - Luc Henris Best Play: A New Method to Find the Strongest Move - Alexander Shashin Grandmaster Repertoire: The French Defence Volume 1 and Volume 2 - Emanuel Berg
Chess Endgames 13: Double Rook Endings - Karsten Muller (PC-DVD) Grandmaster Preparation: Strategic Play - Jacob Aagaard Empire Chess 6: Stomping the Sicilian Defense - GM Sam Shankland (DVD) BBC: Both The Master Game Series 6 and 7 (4 DVD Video Set)
Official World Chess Championship FIDE Approved Tournament Chess Pieces Chess Psychology: The Will to Win! - William Stewart Study Chess with Tal - Mikhail Tal & Alexander Koblencs The Complete Queens Gambit - Alexei Kornev
Completely Mullered! Chess Endgames Vol 1 to 13 - Dr Karsten Muller (PC-DVD) Chess on Toast: Volumes 4 to 6 (DVD-Videos) CHESS Magazine - June 2013 Playing the Trompowsky: an attacking repertoire - Richard Pert
Chess on Toast: Volume 4 to 6 (DVD-Videos)
RRP: £32.98
Our Price: £30.00